9 tips to stop being a workaholic

Work and work

A few months ago we have discussed about the signs of a workaholic. A list of 10 signs was provided in order for everybody to check and review their work addiction. Now, that we have discovered ourselves and we have learned that being a workaholic is not the greatest method to get the best of our life, it?s time to get to action. Here are some tips that will help everybody to stop being work addicted:

  1. Learn to prioritize tasks. Admit it that not all the tasks have the same importance and not all of them are the most urgent. There are tasks that can be done tomorrow too and nobody will be affected by this.
  2. Schedule your work day and stop working after a certain hour (5 or 6 p.m. for example). Inform everybody you are in contact with at work about this and ask them not to call you after this time. Learn to leave the office once the clock hits this time. You?re done for the day and the rest can wait until tomorrow.
  3. Don?t take your work home. You have friends and family that needs you both physically and psychically. Sitting on your home desk working on your computer doesn?t mean that you spend time with them.
  4. Don?t check email or other work-related communication when you are at home. This will be the starting point for another few minutes of work (or hours). Turn off the iPhone, even turn off the computer at home and do something else.
  5. Don?t take your laptop to non-work events: vacations, kids? activities, family parties must not be mixed with work. Having your laptop or any other mobile device will tempt you to think about work again and will not allow you to enjoy the moments.
  6. Schedule other things into your life. Meet your friends after work, date your partner, take your kid to soccer practice, prepare a romantic dinner for your wife/husband.
  7. Take time for yourself and enjoy your beloved hobby. If you don?t have a hobby, get one :)
  8. Think about what makes you happy (beside work). Figure out 4-5 things that truly make you happy and excite you. Remember that at least one of them should be a person and at least one of them must be non-work-related.
  9. Learn to relax and de-stress. Taking time for yourself is necessary both for your health and your happiness. Relaxing and being lazy help your body and mind to recuperate each day and week. Nobody wants to ruin their relationships and nobody wants to get sick so you should start considering this tip as a necessity and a good thing.

Now, I only hope that you won?t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with work, and I do not advice you to be lazy. I only advice you to love your work because it can be fun, exciting, fulfilling and rewarding but also to find the balance between work and life. This should be a good start. So, focus on these things and be firm about them with yourself. And ? no exceptions!

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