10 tips to come up with fresh ideas at work

Lack of imagination, lack of fresh ideas or the impossibility to focus on a specific subject/project is something that everyone faced up with more then just once. What is important for us is to find ways of getting fresh ideas when we need them and a little bit of imagination. Eliminating the causes why we lack imagination or why we cannot focus on getting fresh ideas could be an important step, but this is more difficult and needs work in time. The tips I will provide, are let?s say, a security measure taken on the moment.

  1. Write it down! If an idea rises in your mind then write it down no matter what you are doing in that moment. If you decide to write it later, then later might mean never.
  2. Correlate ideas. Once you have a small idea, write it on a piece of paper and not on your computer. It?s much more easier to visualize and to complete it if you first write it down on a piece of paper. The second step is to create correlations. Starting with that idea, try to find other similar ideas.
  3. Look in the neighbor?s yard. Sometimes, taking a look to your competitors might wake up your predator instincts and will release your imagination ? in a productive way :)
  4. Surf the Internet. No, not games and music. Only for related subjects in the domain you work. Watch the top news headers and maybe one of them will raise a new idea. Some weeks ago, I discovered AllTop, which is a great site providing top headlines in a specific domain based on the keywords you type. You should try this tool, it’s a real success.
  5. Subscribe to top blogs for your niche and set to receive Google Alerts related to subject you are interested in.
  6. Take a 5 minutes break. But, when I say break I refer to go outside and get a fresh air breath. If you cannot get out, at least open a window and enjoy the fresh air.
  7. Ask ideas from friends. Of course these are not your ideas, but maybe will help you to come up with new ideas or to combine these ones. Is not such a bad thing to ask for help.
  8. Connect with people through social networks and take part to specific discussions. These communities connect different people with different ideas from all over the world and for you this is like a gold mine.
  9. Focus and avoid distractions. This is the most difficult way because you have to sit at your place, avoid all your distraction and to keep on focusing until you came up with something. This is more an auto-control exercise and the rewards are welcomed only after accomplishing your task.
  10. Get feedback. Costumers will always have something to say. Finding out their needs and problems could help you to get a new idea or to improve an old one. Create polls, surveys, ask feeback and once you find solutions for your costumers you will find solutions for yourself.

These are my tips, what I do to get a fresh idea, but you are different and special and I would like to know how do you get a new fresh idea.

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