Correlation between organizational culture and productivity

rudeOrganizational culture is the key to productivity. Why? Just look at these giants: FedEx, IBM, and I. E. DuPont Nemours are just a few of the organizations which have an organizational culture so strong, that it spreads not only through companies? members but also to outsiders.

A poorly designed work environment will sap the employees? spirit and will lead organization into “slippery grounds”. Even if on the outside, things seems to work fine there are many situation when managers and employees are frustrated of the inability to complete plans and projects because of confusion, stress, pressure and even sabotage. This unhealthy, passive-aggressive work environment will not bring any benefits for your company. People do not want to work in a company where rudeness triumphs and the ones that work there will lack motivation, communication and innovation. They will just do thing to be done or will do things just to be better then the other.

I know a very good example for this. A friend of mine works for a company that at a fist sign seems to offer best conditions for their employees. And they do offer. However, when it comes about relationships between employees there is only cruelty, rudeness and competition. The company has implemented a bad organizational culture without even knowing and now to straight things up it is more difficult.

The “way-we-do-things-around-here” approach must maintain a sense of consistency and efficiency to the accomplishment of work. The bases of an organizational culture are traditions and values, which make a connection of past with the present and the present with the future.

Organizational culture is not affecting only productivity but also performance, commitment, self-confidence implementing an ethical behavior to organization?s members. Therefore, if we develop great values, customs, traditions and meanings that make our company unique we can expect to have positive results boosting the company?s development.

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