Modern technology: increased productivity but longer working hours

Once with the explosion of mobile communications technology the employees? behavior has changed. So is the work and life balance. Smartphones and laptops help employees remain in constant contact with their work, but, what about their personal life?

A study conducted by Kelly Global Workforce Index, which obtained the views of approximately 100,000 people in 34 countries covering North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific has analyzed the impact of modern technology in employees? productivity.

Here are their global findings:

  • - 87% of respondents find the possibility of working remotely very important
  • - 84% of respondents said technology has boosted their personal productivity
  • - 35% of employees consider technology the reason for their longer working hours
  • - 55% of respondents are happy with their current work-life balance

These are the global findings, to see the study results for each region and each generation please see the original study.

As a personal opinion, modern technology makes us more productive but steals from our personal life. So, my question is: do those additional working hours really bring the expected results. Are we really productive thanks to new technology?

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