Studies revealed that Facebook is a productivity killer

A few months ago a study released by Ohio State University showed that college students who use Facebook spend less time studying and have lower grades than students who don’t use the popular social networking site. Now is time for another study, conducted by Nucleus Research, to show that Facebook also affects employees? productivity at work.

In order to explore the business productivity impact of Facebook, 237 randomly selected workers have been interviewed about their use of Facebook. The results showed that 77% of employees have a Facebook account and 61% of these use this service during work-time. The average time spend on Facebook is 15 minutes some of employees spending up to 2 hours on the social networking site.

As for the reason they stated for using Facebook, only 13% of employees had a business reason (to promote a product or an event) while 87% couldn?t define a clear business reason for using it.

Given these numbers, companies can reasonably estimate average loses of 1.5% in employee productivity. While many companies are dealing with low profitability rates they cannot afford activities that decrease employees productivity, this is why they must revise their Internet Usage policy and regain the lost productivity.

Read the entire Nuclear Reseach.

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