How to deal with a low security budget

In a recent research related to 2009 security threats, it was mentioned that many companies are forced to reduce their IT security budget due to these days financial crisis. As a consequence, these companies present a higher exposure to associated risks related to security like Malware, exploited vulnerabilities and many others.

A. Hackers’ tactics are becoming more targeted and if a company does not invest in upgrading and improving its technology, this could lead to a security compromise. There is a ?must do? which refers to establishing your IT priorities in order to defend your company and wisely spending you budget.

B. If the first step was to establish your IT priorities, the second one is to set up a baseline data analyzing how the security risk went over time, up or down. Based on this analyze you can further see how vulnerable or how safely configured your systems are and what are the real priorities for your business.

C. The third step is to compare your baseline with others in your industry. Is nothing bad if you ask for advices form people that have already defined their metrics and decided how to spend their IT budget. And even if each company is particular there are still similarities that could be very helpful.

D. Further, you should look for solutions that can be implemented across your entire company and not for each department / section in part, because in first case you will generate some savings. On the other hand, indifferent the decision you take, it?s very important to deliberate on risks factors and what is the ROI in the specific situation.

In these times we are constraint to take the best decisions because a failure might have a greater impact upon our business than it might have some years ago. If any of you have any ideas on how to deal with a low budget, please give your advices in the comments section below.

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