How to Monitor Employee Attendance

One of the most?delicate issues an employer has to deal with is how to handle an employee’s attendance problem. Managing staff needs patience, compassion and a firm attitude, but firstly need relevant information.? Attendance records should be reviewed regularly to ensure that staff members attendance problems do not go unnoticed for an extended period.

Cyclope, our productity tool, is able to record and show relevant attendance information (for any considered time interval):?

  • -? Start work time -?the time when the employee has started the computer (ideal for employees that work mostly on computer)
  • -? End work time -?the tiem when computer activity ended (the computer is stopped)
  • -? Total work time -?the total time as the diference between the End work time and Start work time (time period from the starting and shutting down the machine)
  • -? Active -?the active time spent on computer (while mouse was moved or keys were stroken)
  • -? Overtime – the active time spent over the working hours
  • -? Idle – the idle/pasive time spent on the computer (while mouse was not moved?and keys were not stroken)

Take a look below to?the report sample. The time interval considered was “Last week”, between 2nd and 8th of March. The report shows only 5 records as there were only 5 working days.

Cyclope attendance report

What can be seen on this report?

?-? The employee usually starts the computer around 8 a.m.
?-? On Monday the employee was late about 3 hours.
?-? The employee usually?finishes the?activity between 17 and 18 p.m.
?-? The active time is between 5 and 8 hours.
?-? Tuesday and? Wednesday seem to be the most productive days
?-? The total time spent at work is around 9 hours

What do you think?

Do you think such a report is useful??Could be relevant in you company? What other information you think the report should contain?

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  • Please, can you email me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

  • Another important consideration is how the employee signs in. In order to ensure that the employee him/herself is the one clocking in, and not another employee “buddy punching”, the biometric time clocks can be used. A lot of companies are offering these devices but quality and price vary widely. Check out for biometric time clocks that are popular in Australia and the US.

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